re-origin Team

Mo Pritzker


Mo is a serial entrepreneur who has spent the last decade creating companies focusing on helping people and the planet. Her ventures include a pioneering vegan restaurant at Seed + Salt; plant-based protein at Five Suns Food; a resource conscious beauty line at 1SAVES20; and now, brain retraining program at re-origin.

In 2013, she launched Seed + Salt, one of the first vegan/plant based Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) concepts in the US that has helped set the standard for fast casual clean food, organic & whole food restaurant practices and inspired chefs from around the globe to move to plant forward menus.

In 2016, she co-founded Five Suns Food ( to introduce chocho, the world’s highest plant-based protein from Ecuador, globally and develop a regenerative, sustainable supply chain.

In 2022, she co-founded 1SAVES20, a resource conscious beauty line focused on helping Gen Z use less water during their daily routines with rinse free refreshing.

In 2021, she co-founded re-origin, along with Ben and Lindsay, after eight years working with neuroplasticity for her anxiety and negative thought looping. She found this state of persistent “fight or flight” prevented her from living a full life and often led to other chronic conditions. Her health now has never been better and live the life she have always dreamed of - and helping others rewire out of chronic conditions and do the same is my purpose. 

Mo’s companies have been featured in media such as Fortune, Elle Magazine, SF Chronicle, Well + Good, New York Magazine, goop, NatGeo Travel, Vogue, San Francisco Business Times, Self, Bon Apetit, The Food Network, ABC, WedMD, Healthline and PBS Worldwide. She was named by Origin Magazine as one of the top 100 people changing the world.

Mo currently lives in California and spends her free time writing music and traveling. She is on the Board of Inploration and on the Special Council for the Focused Ultrasound Foundation.