re-origin Team

Natalie Rivans

Community Manager & Coach

Natalie Rivans joined the re-origin program in January 2022 after struggling with chronic mental and physical health issues. After making a full recovery, she formally joined the team as the Community Manager and has since been empowering and coaching others, passing on her first hand experience of healing.

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Natalie joined re-origin in January 2022 after struggling with some chronic and debilitating mental and physical health issues such as chronic pain, digestive issues, food sensitivities, depression, and anxiety. Having had little success with various western medicine and holistic treatments, she found re-origin after listening to Ben speak about neuroplasticity and re-origin on a podcast.  After reading more about the power of neuroplasticity, Natalie decided to give re-origin a try.

Since joining, she has successfully healed herself back to full health and quickly became an Ambassador with the hope of helping others on their healing journey. She has a particular interest in pain neuroscience and how we can change our relationship with pain through neuroplasticity and brain re-training. She also has a passion for creativity with incremental training and how it can be used in every aspect of life in re-origin and beyond. 

Prior to joining re-origin, Natalie worked in a community role helping organizations to provide education and resources related to addiction and mental health. She was also a trained Mental Health Liaison Officer within her profession helping individuals struggling with severe mental health issues by providing support and helping connect individuals with the appropriate supportive services and treatment resources where applicable. - This role has helped Natalie gain a greater knowledge of how the complexities of severe mental health issues can affect individuals in different ways.  It also taught her the benefits of a multidisciplinary, individual-specific approach to assist people to obtain the help and support they need in order to recover.  

Natalie has also worked supporting high-risk individuals with mental health issues including but not limited to schizophrenia, bipolar, severe mental depressive disorder, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Both of these roles have helped Natalie gain a deep understanding of mental health and learn how various therapies including neuroplasticity techniques can help people positively live with, and recover from mental and physical health issues on a wide spectrum.