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Lindsay Alpert


Lindsay Alpert, a UC Berkeley alum and former tennis athlete, transitioned from medical sales to psychotherapy after earning her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Concurrently, she developed a successful real estate business. Lindsay, having overcome health challenges, hopes to inspire many others to heal through the world of brain retraining.

Lindsay Alpert is a successful entrepreneur. In 2001, after graduating from UC Berkeley, where she had been a member of the 4th ranked nationally Women’s Tennis Team, Lindsay embarked on a career in Medical Sales. After helping people in the medical profession, she decided to help people on an emotional level. She went back to school and got her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles where she was fascinated by neuroanatomy and neuroplasticity. Lindsay then began her psychotherapy practice and enjoyed helping children and families for six years using cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based modalities. Her training as a psychotherapist led to further exploration of the immense power and plasticity of the brain. Lindsay then realized she wanted to help others on a larger scale.

Concurrently, Lindsay formed her own Real Estate company and began acquiring investment properties. She became a Real Estate Agent and has participated in a range of projects, both large commercial and smaller residential. Lindsay has used her blend of creativity, relationship building and business savvy to form a sustainable real estate portfolio and business that continues to flourish.

Lindsay recovered from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2, Lyme Disease, CIRS, EBV Mono, among other things. She has been working within the brain retraining world for 6 years. Lindsay feels strongly that challenges on her path were essential in order to best help others.