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Dr. Kelly Kent, PhD is a neuroscientist that connects her passion for the brain with everything she touches, including as a school board member, corporate creativity consultant, business-owner, speaker, runner, parent, wife, educator, volunteer, community activist, mentor and friend.

For the past five years since she completed her PhD in the molecular mechanisms of stroke recovery, Kelly has been taking her experience and expertise garnered at higher educational institutions and applying them to the real world around her. While on the one hand, Kelly was pursuing her post-graduate work in autism at the University of Southern California, she was also simultaneously teaching and mentoring graduate and undergraduate students. Kelly taught neurobiology to psychotherapy graduate students at Antioch University in Culver City as well as psychology undergraduate students at Moorpark College in Simi Valley. The application of neuroscience to everyday life became especially literal when Kelly co-founded adaptEd Consultants along with Anne-Marie Cziko, a company that uses neuroscience to provide tools to drive individual and organizational growth. All the while, Kelly was becoming more and more active in the Culver City, CA community where she is raising her children. As evidence has accumulated about the value that learning a language has for any developing brain, Kelly took on the founding and overseeing of an immersive Spanish instruction program at her neighborhood school. It wasn’t long after this that she was asked to run for school board. In November of 2015, Kelly Kent was the top vote-geer elected to the Culver City Unified School District Governing Board and since joining the board has brought her expertise in education and organizational culture to enhance the outcomes of all students.

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